I am always positively baffled when I listen to Piero Piccioni’s music.
The Maestro continues to surprise me even now that he is no longer among us. He has left us so much music that will surely surprise me as I listen further.
One instance that I recall with pleasure and surprise was when he opened the door to his house and greeted me wearing beautiful chromed sunglasses with dark green tinted lenses. I was even more surprised as I realised that that those glasses were mine! I had mistakenly forgotten them at a prior meeting with him.
He had obviously not realized this, as he had many sunglasses lying around the house, and I did not have the courage to ask for them back as I respected the man and his penchant for them (as he would even wear them indoors).
I spent a thrilling afternoon listening to music with him.
To talk with him was a constantly unique pleasure, and to have him sit next to me wearing my shades was the best!
Thank you Maestro!

Alessandro Casella

Pianist, organist, conductor & composer
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