To remember Piero Piccioni entails re-living twenty years of my life. I met him in 1985 at a special event organised by Massimo Cardinaletti, to celebrate the historic soundtrack publishing company, General Music. Since that time, other than the musician that I had always loved for his creativity and refinement, I was able to see the human side of someone who was always willing to communicate and who loved his craft.
I never felt belittled by this musical giant who had written over three hundred scores for the silver screen. He would always put me at ease when I went to his house on the Aventine Hill, and every encounter was truly fascinating. My work in discography gave me the opportunity to discover many of his soundtracks which we would listen to together in order to compile the cd, and I remember his joy and enthusiasm to be that of eternal youth.
His opinions have always been useful to me and I consider myself, simply lucky to have met him. Piero Piccioni has left an enormous musical legacy and I hope that younger generations may continue to discover his art.
With fondness and gratitude .

Claudio Fuiano

Pianist, organist, conductor & composer
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